Hearing Health Journeys


A great deal to gain

Billy was in his teens when he first noticed his hearing loss. “I realized I was having some difficulty hearing teachers and later professors,” he recalls.

When Billy decided to turn to Family Audiology for his hearing care, he did so without any concerns. He found the team to be “quiet, efficient, and professional.”

Following his comprehensive hearing assessment, Billy was prescribed hearing aids. His hearing clearly took a turn for the better, thanks to his new devices.

He shares, “The biggest changes were: 1) I could hear people around me who tend to mumble or speak softly, and 2) I heard female voices much differently because—for the first time—I could hear the overtones in their speech.”

Billy gives Family Audiology a 10/10 rating and says, “You literally have nothing to lose by letting Family Audiology take care of you. And you have a great deal to gain. It is almost as life changing as your first pair of glasses or contacts. Everyone is nice, but everyone also is a consummate professional.”


Billy K. Richburg, MS, FHFMA


They are very, very good at taking care of you

Barry came to Family Audiology three years ago as an experienced hearing aid wearer.

He shares, “Since I’m not new to owning hearing aids, my concerns and worries are from experience. I needed Bluetooth, rechargeable, quality of sound, adjustments I could make, adjustments I needed the audiologist to make, turnaround time for service needed outside office adjustments, and warranty. ALL of which Alicia, Brenda, Family Audiology, and TrueHearing have provided.”

Recalling his first appointment, Barry says the team’s “honesty, caring, willing to get these things working for me, and keep them working for me” were very obvious to him.

“I am very active at 73,” he says. “Mountain biking, pickleball, grandchildren, and activities found in a 55+ community. I am hard on hearing aids. One ear is really bad, one ear can use the help. Two hearing aids thus need more adjustments than one … but I’m always covered and enjoy the sound and help of having two.”

Giving Family Audiology a 10/10 rating, he has plenty of advice for others. “They are very, very good at taking care of you. You get what you pay for,” he shares. “I tried to have a cheaper, buy online hearing aid. Not close to the quality or needed adjustments I got from Family Audiology.

“They will need adjustments and service. You will want quality of sound and ease of adjustments on the run. You will need larger or smaller ear buds or covers to fit comfortably in your ear canal! Family A. will quickly handle the above significant need.”


Barry Brugger


Very pleasant

Paul was a seasoned hearing aid wearer when he came to Family Audiology, as he wanted to find “a local business who would provide me with options for my specific needs.”

Recalling his first appointment, the office was “very pleasant with a clean and professional setting.” He continues, “I had a hearing test and the results were explained to me in a manner that I could understand, and after I tried a few different types for short periods of time, I decided on the same brand that I’m still wearing.”

Hearing aids have made a tremendous difference to Paul’s life. “I remember when I got my first pair and I walked outside and I could hear the bugs, birds, and everything seemed very loud,” he says.

“Fast forward to today and I can watch TV and hear the voices, I can eat in a restaurant and actually have a conversation, and from a safety perspective, I can cross a street and actually hear a car coming from another direction. Last but not least, my wife would say that I can actually hear her (most of the time).”

Giving Family Audiology a 10/10 rating, Paul doesn’t hesitate to recommend them to others. “Great place, I have enjoyed working with Stephanie and believe that their pricing is fair and the service is always available when you need it.”


Paul Armour


I’m surprised at how much I was missing

Everyone was telling Jon that he had a hearing loss. “I was afraid it would affect my ability to perform my job interacting with my clients,” he recalls.

Yet at the same time, Jon was also in denial. “I was planning to ace my hearing test to prove everyone wrong about my hearing loss,” he shares.

Jon thought the Family Audiology team was “professional,” and they “made me feel at ease” at his first appointment. As it turns out, Jon really did have a hearing loss, and he was prescribed hearing aids.

“I am surprised at how much I was missing just sitting on my back porch and listening to the world around me,” he says, delighted with his new devices.

Jon rates Family Audiology a 10/10 and encourages anyone considering an appointment to make one. “Worse case, you learn that you need help with hearing,” he says. “Learning about my type of hearing loss was very interesting—that it is genetic—and there was nothing I could have done to prevent it.”




A good fit for my needs

Hearing loss can be a frustrating and isolating experience. Ray knows this all too well.

He recalls, “I realized that I was losing the ability to follow conversations and to clearly understand what was going on around me. I felt myself becoming more isolated from the people I cared about.”

Prior to visiting Family Audiology, Ray had purchased hearing aids through an ENT doctor’s audiologist. However, Ray says, “I wanted to deal with a hearing aid provider that had more options and had a broader range of products to choose from. Family Audiology seemed a good fit for my needs.”

Thankfully, the Family Audiology team didn’t let Ray down!

“It truly was a ‘family’ feeling, one in which I felt a genuine interest in my hearing needs and me as an individual,” he shares. Ray says he also really liked the “friendly service, up-to-date information, and wide variety of products to choose from.”

Ray did purchase new hearing aids and he is pleased with his decision. “The quality of my interactions with other people has improved dramatically. An additional benefit has been my ability to clearly hear music and to listen to TV programs wirelessly without bothering other people,” he says.

Giving Family Audiology a 10/10 rating, Ray adds, “Family Audiology is a safe place to discuss hearing problems and to assess hearing deficiencies. The advice given is friendly, authoritative, and caring.”


Ray Glynn Brooks


Your life will change for the better.

William was struggling with his hearing in many facets of his life.

He recalls, “My wife was telling me to turn the TV down, and she was always having to repeat herself. I just couldn’t hear other people and it was troublesome. I knew that I needed help.”

William found the help he needed at Family Audiology. He considers the team “very friendly and helpful” and says, “They are always willing to help, no matter how small of an issue.”

William’s comprehensive hearing assessment revealed the extent of his hearing loss and hearing aids were prescribed. William is amazed with the results, saying his hearing aids have changed his life “for the better.”

He adds, “I couldn’t believe how much better my life had become since getting my hearing aids.”

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, William advises anyone considering an appointment, “Just do it! You will not regret it. Your life will change for the better.”


William Lyle


I can communicate better

Leo became aware of his hearing loss while at work.

“I was teaching a class and had to get a student to repeat a question several times,” he recalls. “I could see the frustration and wondered if that might be the last question from that student. Sometimes asking is a big step and I knew I shouldn’t make it harder.”

Leo went ahead and made an appointment with Family Audiology despite one concern. “I knew people would associate hearing aids with aging,” he shares. “I didn’t want people to see me as old and less able.”

At his initial appointment, Leo says, “Dr. Asfar was very welcoming and matter-of-fact. Her demeanor gave me the feeling that this was a routine test with a simple but well-researched solution to my issue.”

Leo was prescribed hearing aids as a result of his comprehensive hearing assessment; his new aids have been a great success.

“I can communicate better. I have little grandkids who talk softly and not always clearly. It’s important to know what they are saying and important to them to know they can communicate.

“Also, my wife sometimes speaks more softly when telling me about her feelings. I shouldn’t miss that,” says Leo.

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, Leo hopes others will not delay hearing care. “It makes a difference. You’re missing more than you know.”


(Leo) Cameron Neal


There will be no pressure

When Paul brought his mother to Family Audiology for a hearing test (using a free Medicare hearing test coupon), he didn’t expect he would need hearing aids as well.

He says, “I took the original hearing test to get my mother to take a test. We knew she needed help. I didn’t realize that I could not hear high frequency sounds. We both ordered hearing aids that day.”

Paul is grateful for the excellent care his mother received. He says, “You were very patient with my 90-year-old mother getting her through the test.”

Both Paul and his mother have noticed a big difference hearing with their new devices – though Paul’s mother may need a gentle reminder to wear them. “We made sure my mother put hers on for all doctor visits so she could hear firsthand what the doctors said,” says Paul.

Paul rates Family Audiology a 10/10. To anyone considering an appointment, he says, “Nothing to be afraid of. Their guidance will make you feel very comfortable as they guide you through each step of the process. There will be no pressure.”

Paul states he also likes “their willingness to help you with as many adjustments as you need to get your hearing aids to work the best for you.”


Paul Fredd

Sharon Doherty


Friendly atmosphere and attitudes

Sharon’s hearing loss was gradual; little by little, it was making life more difficult.

She recalls, “I could hear sound but not understand the words. Even at the dinner table, I was asking people to repeat themselves. It was embarrassing and frustrating. Biggest concern: I watch a lot of TV and had to have it so loud to able to understand the dialog that it bothered the whole house.”

Prior to visiting Family Audiology, Sharon was worried about “money and appearance – I have short hair.” However, she was welcomed by the “very nice and very caring” team that quickly reassured her. “You explained all aspects right off the bat and encouraged me to ask questions,” she says.

Sharon is happy with her hearing aids. She shares, “They take some getting used to and some adjustments, however, being able to understand words has opened up a whole new world for me. The app has worked well for me. Being able to make minor adjustments myself is a big perk!”

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, Sharon advises others, “Please don’t hesitate like I did. I waited for two years after my first test. Big mistake! Come into the office as many times as you wish for questions or adjustments/concerns. Family Audiology is SO much better than the places advertised on TV and the internet.” She adds that she especially likes the “almost immediate appointments and friendly atmosphere and attitudes.


Sharon Doherty


Small and personal

Cindy first noticed her hearing loss when “I was so young.”

Prior to seeking help, she often wondered, “Would anyone around me understand?” and says making an appointment with Family Audiology “was a big step to take.”

She found the office “small and personal,” which helped put her at ease and jokes that “the candy” in reception was also a highlight of her appointment!

Following her comprehensive hearing assessment, Cindy was prescribed hearing aids. She says they have “significantly improved” her hearing ability.

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, Cindy hopes others will make an appointment. “Do it today!” she advises.


Cindy Shea


It was a breeze

Don’s hearing loss was affecting his life in numerous ways.

He recalls, “In business meetings, I found that I was missing too many details with clients and associates. As an acoustic musician, I began to notice muffled or missing notes in the higher range. I also found that I was missing out on much of the conversations with my musical partners. I became even more aware as I began missing out on conversations with my kids and grandkids.

Don continues, “Growing up on a farm, in a very noisy environment, was one of the culprits, but genes was probably another one. I had no concerns about wearing hearing aids. I have worn glasses for years and see no difference. Glasses help you see and hearing aids help you hear.

Prior to visiting Family Audiology, Don went to an ENT specialist that diagnosed his hearing loss. Soon after that first step, Don turned to Family Audiology for help. “As with anything new, especially related to your health, I was a little apprehensive when I first visited Family Audiology,” he recalls. “I had done my research but had never had a hearing test and had no idea what to expect. I was very quickly put at ease. They listened to my goals and objectives then explained how the test would be conducted. It was a breeze.”

Don’s new hearing aids have improved his life significantly, and he says he soon discovered “a whole new world (or maybe just a world that I was missing).” He explains, “I enjoy large gatherings again, can participate in meetings, enjoy playing music more than I have in years, and enjoy conversations with my grandchildren. Best decision I have made.”

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, to prospective patients he says, “What are you waiting for? Family Audiology has, literally, gone above and beyond to help me hear my best and enjoy life.

“I’m very happy with the way Family Audiology ‘interprets’ how I describe what I’m hearing. It’s often difficult to describe what you hear. It’s impossible to describe what you don’t hear. When you hear things that you haven’t heard in a long time, or perhaps have never heard, it can be quite shocking and may even require some time to adjust to these new sounds. Having a hearing specialist that can help you through this process is critical.


Don Etheredge


You won’t be disappointed

David’s world was becoming more and more muffled. He recalls, “It became increasingly difficult to participate in conversations in loud environments, such as restaurants or other gatherings. I found myself saying ‘yeah’ and nodding frequently to indicate a response to an unheard but possible question. It was also becoming more and more challenging in a work environment, particularly when dealing with soft-spoken coworkers or those with a heavy accent.”

Following recommendations from his “elderly in-laws who had been using Family Audiology as their hearing specialist,” David made an appointment with Family Audiology. He says everyone there was “exceedingly warm and friendly – and very easy to work with.”

David shares that “a thorough evaluation of my hearing status was completed that indicated what should be addressed.” He was prescribed hearing aids, which he says have been “life changing.”
David says, “I can hear conversations, understand the grandchildren, and enjoy music and television again.”

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, he advises potential patients, “Definitely consider going to Family Audiology and give them a try – you won’t be disappointed.”

David adds that he especially appreciated “their willingness to listen to me and work with me to continually optimize what remains of my hearing” as well as “their incredibly refreshing commitment to friendly service.”


David Hooks



Helped me live a richer life

Locke has depended on Family Audiology for his hearing care since 2009.

He shares, “In 2009, my hearing was starting to decline, and I discovered Dr. McCormick. She conducted a thorough hearing evaluation and guided my selection of my first hearing aids.

“When one of my original hearing aids needed repair, I upgraded my hearing aids with a newer model. Then last October (2023), I upgraded my hearing aids to ones that are rechargeable and have Bluetooth capability. Dr. McCormick and her staff are friendly and scheduling an appointment is handled in a professional manner.

Locke’s life is so much easier now, thanks to his hearing devices. “I no longer struggle to hear what others are saying and don’t have to elevate the volume on the TV,” he notes. “Since getting my hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities, I can answer the phone and listen to Pandora from my iPhone.”
Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, Locke says he “highly recommends Dr. McCormick” and adds, “Working with Dr. McCormick and Family Audiology has helped me live a richer life.”


Locke Alderson


They 100% truly care about you

Bobby has lived with a hearing loss for all of his life and was concerned about facing a completely silent future.

He says, “I realized that I had hearing loss when I was around six years old and it just continually got worse over the years. Come to find out, I was born deaf in my left ear and I was told that nothing could be done to help me.

“I just accepted it over the years as I would have to ask people to repeat themselves or learn to read their lips. My biggest concern as a child was just being accepted by family and friends since I was ‘different’ than them. I just assumed that I would become completely deaf over my lifetime.”
Not wanting to give up, though, Bobby made an appointment with Family Audiology. “My biggest concern was that there would still be nothing they could do to help me with my hearing and that eventually I would just become completely deaf with no hope.

“I remember going into the office for the hearing test. The doctors and staff were so nice and welcoming. They walked me through the process of how they conduct the hearing exam.”
Following Bobby’s comprehensive hearing assessment, he received some good news. Hearing aids were an option after all, and he was prescribed devices.

Bobby finds his improved hearing an overwhelming experience. “Oh my! It has been a huge life changing event for me. I can hear people in other rooms now. I can hear people in crowded restaurants. I don’t have to ask people to repeat themselves as much. I can sync my hearing aid to my cellphone and hear phone calls more clearly,” he says.

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, Bobby has lots of positive words for potential patients to consider. “I would tell them it will be the best thing they could do for themselves. You will deal with the best people at Family Audiology,” he says. “They 100% truly care about you and the betterment of your quality of life. They are always so helpful with any issues that I have had with my hearing aid. They have even help replaced it when my son’s dog decided it was something to chew on.”


Bobby Hampton


Welcoming, professional, and reassuring.

Dave was frustrated about his hearing loss. Finally, the day came when he decided to do something about it.

“I experienced a decline in being able to hear clearly in my right ear due to the inability to hear high frequency sounds and was frustrated by it,” he begins. “As my hearing deteriorated, I knew it was time to get hearing aids – sounds were muffled and I was misunderstanding many words (due to not hearing the first consonant of words). For some reason, I was reluctant to admit I needed to get my hearing checked but never felt that way about eye exams.”

Dave was impressed by his first appointment with Family Audiology. “Everyone was very welcoming, professional, and reassuring,” he says.

Following his comprehensive hearing assessment, Dave was prescribed hearing aids. They’ve been a great success. “I’m able to hear things much better and don’t miss out on or misunderstand conversations like I did before getting hearing aids,” he shares.

Giving Family Audiology a 10/10 rating, Dave advises others, “Don’t wait. Get your ears checked – they will let you know what you need and personalize them to you specifically. Everyone is eager to help and it’s not difficult to get an appointment quickly. They really do a great job of setting up hearing aids to fit your needs.”




They care for their patients

Forrest’s hearing loss is the result of working for many years within a loud environment.

He explains, “I have known for a while that my hearing was likely diminished due to my vocation (aircraft technician), but I did not realize the extent of the impact on normal conversations.

“My wife had been saying I needed to get my hearing checked, so I asked my primary care physician for a referral in March 2023. He directed me to Family Audiology for my assessment.”

Prior to his appointment, Forrest had “no fears,” but he “did not realize the level of reduced hearing and the impact it was having on my work and personal life.”

Forrest describes the team as “warm, friendly, comforting, and very professional,” and he is thrilled with his new hearing aids.

“They make everyday conversations much better,” he shares. “I hear clearly and there is a lot less requests to repeat.”

Giving Family Audiology a 10/10 rating, he reassures potential patients, “You will find a partner to identify your needs and help you navigate a solution that is correct for you. The staff, from Celia to the front desk, are so pleasant and kind. It is evident they care for their patients and the families.”


Forrest Hinkle


Very nice people

Thomas was “having difficulty communicating with loved ones (they were saying I was talking loudly),” and he also found himself “increasingly turning the volume up on the TV.”

Therefore, Thomas made an appointment with Family Audiology. His biggest concern “was having something in my ear all day long. I was not sure what it would feel like.”

Thomas’s first impressions of the team were all positive. He thought they were “very nice people, they seem to know the business.”

Hearing aids were prescribed for Thomas, and his new devices have significantly improved his life. “I can hear much more of what I may have been missing before I had my hearing aids,” he says.

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, Thomas advises others, “Have your hearing checked. You will be happy with the improvement.” He also notes that the team’s “knowledge and personality” especially stood out to him.


Thomas Gemperle


Easy and friendly

Naomi was struggling with her tinnitus and hoped hearing aids might help. She had “too much buzzing in my ears that prevented adequate hearing.”

Prior to visiting Family Audiology, Naomi’s main concern was “the cost of hearing aids.” However, her appointment went well and she thought the team was “friendly, educational, caring.”

She is happy she took that first step toward better hearing. “I am fully invested in conversations with friends. Professional and medical appointments are much easier. No need to ask for repeating instructions,” Naomi shares about her life now with hearing aids.

Giving Family Audiology a 10/10 rating, she encourages prospective patients to make an appointment. “Easy first visit! The staff will test your hearing to evaluate your hearing levels. No cost to learn your options for improvement. Easy and friendly – and you come away with better hearing,” she says.


Naomi Bennett


Friendly, nice, caring people

Brian found himself having “trouble hearing/understanding a colleague at work.”

Despite his hearing challenge, he was worried about seeking help, particularly if it would mean hearing aids. “I did not want to stand out. I did not want to look impaired even though I wore glasses,” Brian recalls. “When I found out someone in my office, my age, had them, it made me massively more comfortable with going ahead and getting them.”

He made an appointment with Family Audiology without any fears or concerns. Brian says the office was a “professional, efficient, VERY clean office” with “VERY nice, professional people.”

Now, with his new hearing aids, conversations are a breeze. “I don’t struggle to hear people now. Life is more comfortable, easier, better,” says Brian.

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, he advises others, “DO IT. Go to them. They are great (again professional, friendly) people who will take care of you. You’ll be better off for it. Could not ask for ANY better people to interact with.”


Brian Gobran


Super pleasant

Shirley’s family was constantly telling her that “I wanted the TV TOO LOUD.” She knew she needed a hearing test, so she finally decided to take action.

During an appointment with her eye doctor, she noticed that he wore hearing aids and so she asked him where he went for his hearing care. He highly recommended Family Audiology.

At Shirley’s first appointment, she found the team “super pleasant” and her audiologist “obviously knew what she was doing.”

Shirley is pleased with her new hearing aids and “can hear what folks are saying – the first time!” plus she no longer needs to “ask for repeat.”

Shirley gives Family Audiology a 10/10 rating. To potential patients, she says she would “Encourage them – how easy it is to be checked – and easy to hear better. So easy to stop in and get help any time I need.”




Very friendly, helpful, and competent

Craig didn’t doubt that he had a hearing loss.

He recalls, “It became abundantly clear I had a hearing problem when I was in a stand-up meeting at work and a couple of employees talked at such a low volume that I couldn’t understand a word they said.”

Craig soon made an appointment with Family Audiology where the team was “very friendly and helpful.”
Following his comprehensive hearing assessment, Craig was prescribed hearing aids. Overall, Craig is happy with his new devices, though he is still adapting to them in certain situations.

He says, “They have improved my ability to hear and comprehend conversations, but they are sorely lacking when it comes to listening to music. Their ‘smart’ behavior constantly attempts to adjust for transients in musical performance – a very bad idea.”

Rating Family Audiology a 9/10, he advises others, “Go to Family Audiology and have your hearing tested. The employees at FA are very friendly, helpful, and competent at their jobs.”




Friendly and efficient

Sandra noticed that her hearing was declining gradually over the past few years.

Eventually it got to the point where she was missing words in conversations and found herself “tilting my head so that my good ear was trying to pick up the conversation.”

Prior to visiting Family Audiology, Sandra knew “I wanted to have the latest electronics, no ‘screaming’ hearing aid risks, and the latest adjustability.” She says her first appointment was “excellent” and the team was “friendly and efficient.”

Sandra was impressed with her hearing assessment, especially the “latest computer testing equipment, so that I could see my hearing performance for each ear separately.” She adds her doctor “spent all the time needed to evaluate my hearing needs.”

With her new hearing aids, Sandra notices a “much improved hearing performance.” She says, “I can also make adjustments via my cell phone to assure certain settings match my environment.”

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, Sandra hopes others will follow in her footsteps. She says, “They can be confident that their hearing status will be tested accurately and that they will not be pressured to buy more than what they need.”


Sandra Floyd


Very relaxed and helpful

Steve lost most of his hearing in one ear twenty years ago due to sudden sensorineural hearing loss. When he relocated to the area a few years ago, he turned to Family Audiology for his hearing care.
He says the team “have been great” and that the environment is “very relaxed and helpful.”

Steve also has lots to say about hearing aids. “Hearing aids are much like glasses, while not perfect they make life easier,” he notes. “I was missing so much in conversations. Having hearing aids has helped me interact with others as normally as possible.

“Family Audiology is up on the new technology. From my experience, hearing aids make significant advances every 5 to 7 years. There’s a popular expression for people with hearing loss – you don’t get hearing aids for yourself; you get them for everyone around you.”

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, Steve adds, “I like the professionalism of everyone there.”


Steve O’Hara


Very friendly and helpful

Lorne was only 50 years old when he noticed his hearing loss. He was concerned “how a hearing aid would look.”

Initially, he wanted an in-the-ear device. However, when he met with his audiologist at Family Audiology, he soon changed his mind.

Lorne says he’s “so thankful the audiologist explained occlusion noise from in-the-ear devices.” He shares, “Put your fingers in your ears and chomp your teeth. Very unpleasant.

“Most people who first get an in-the-ear device, their next hearing aid is a behind-the-ear device. I got a BTE (behind the ear) from the start. Got over vanity in a few days. In 22 years, many people never realized I had a hearing aid, and if they did, who cares!”

Lorne describes the Family Audiology team as “very friendly and helpful” and he’s pleased with his hearing devices. “My type of hearing loss cannot be fully restored with a hearing aid, but it is much better,” he says. “My wife notices any time I’m not wearing it.”

Giving Family Audiology a 10/10 rating, Lorne highly recommends them to others. “As an engineer, I’m confident they are providing the best technical solution for my hearing loss.”


Lorne Hinz


I am now more confident in participating in conversations

Stephen was surprised that his hearing was declining and “wondered how bad it was.” He decided to visit Family Audiology to find out.

Stephen was concerned whether his hearing was progressively getting worse and if it would be manageable. He was also worried about wearing hearing aids and “how inconvenient they would be and how expensive they were.”

Reflecting on his appointment, Stephen shares, “I had some prior expectations and Family Audiology exceeded all of them. I could not have picked a more friendly and professional place to address my hearing issues. I should not have waited so long to address my hearing loss.”

With his new hearing aids, he says, “I am now more confident in participating in conversations that before I would have avoided. I can hear things now that I did not realize I was missing before.”

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, Stephen highly recommends them to others. “I would encourage them to not wait any longer to address their issue and that they could not make a better choice than Family Audiology,” he says. “Dr. Celia McCormick is great. She walked me through the entire experience of getting hearing aids and answered all my questions and concerns.”


Stephen Brown


Without the aids, I’m not able to effectively communicate.

Back in 1979, Randy was in high school. He noticed that he was unable to hear the high-frequency beeps on the new LCD watches. However, he “wasn’t too concerned at that time; it was not impacting my daily communications.”

Eventually, after wearing hearing aids since 1992, Randy discovered Family Audiology and is happy to have a hearing care provider he can trust. Discussing his hearing loss, Randy says, “Limitations of the device power on the high-frequency side is my challenge and concern. I’ve always worked with Steph at FA. She’s a good communicator and works hard to push the limits on the hearing aid devices.

“My severe hearing loss makes any verbal communication difficult even with the aids. Steph works with my daily situations to create programs in the devices that help me with my life. Without the aids, I’m not able to effectively communicate.”

Randy rates Family Audiology a 10/10 and encourages others to visit. He suggests, “The pros far exceed the cons. Have the audiologist work specific programs that meet your needs. Try them on for at least a week and take notes and what needs to be softened and what needs more boost. FA can fine tune them during follow-up appointments.”


Randy Armstrong


Don’t wait!

Glenn was already a hearing aid wearer when he came to Family Audiology. He wondered if they “could offer anything better than I had,” and he was concerned about “spending money without better results.”

Fortunately, Glenn’s appointment went well and there were better options for him. He notes that his audiologist “asked the right questions.”

And as for the new hearing aids? “They made it possible to reenter my social life,” says Glenn.

Giving Family Audiology a 10/10 rating, Glenn advises others, “Don’t wait! The earlier you start, the easier it will be to get adjusted and get the benefits. They’re kind of like family. I don’t need them so much anymore, but it’s nice to know they’re there.”


Glenn Furney


This is a good place to go.

Mike’s hearing loss was affecting his life in more ways than one.

He recalls, “My wife would tell me I have the TV volume up way too much. I was having problems hearing women’s soft voices. I was embarrassed that I would have people constantly having to repeat themselves.”

Prior to visiting Family Audiology, Mike was a bit apprehensive. “I knew very little about wearing hearing aids. I didn’t know if hearing aids would help my hearing,” he says.

However, that all changed on his appointment day. “The first time I walked into your office, I felt a welcoming feeling like I was at the right place at the right time,” he shares. “I feel much more confident in my decision to address my hearing problem.”

Giving Family Audiology a 10/10 rating, Mikes adds, “This is a good place to go. They listen to you. They explained in detail every step to discover which hearing aid would be the best fit for me.”


Mike McCormack


I loved Family Audiology the moment I stepped through the front door.

At first, Darryl thought his TV needed adjusting. However, he soon discovered it was his hearing that was declining.

“I realized I had hearing loss mostly when listening to TV and during conversations. I made several attempts to improve the TV sound, but none of the ‘fixes’ I applied seemed to matter,” he recalls. “In addition, my wife didn’t seem to have issues with the sound and was surprised at how much I had to turn up the volume. In conversation, especially with several people, I found myself tuning out.”

Initially, Darryl did lots of research online comparing over-the-counter hearing aids to prescription hearing aids. “I then contacted Family Audiology for a test and for an initial consultation to rely on their expertise,” he says. “The test showed me how much my hearing could really improve with the help of aids. I then decided to get the best aids possible to set myself up for a better life/listening experience.”

DarryI’s first impressions of Family Audiology were all positive. “I loved Family Audiology the moment I stepped through the front door. The office and staff were very warm and welcoming,” he shares.

Hearing aids have improved Darryl’s life tremendously. “It was a very easy ‘life changing’ process for me. I can hear a lot of sounds that I have been missing out on which I slowly lost over time.

“The aids are easy to use (put in, charge, etc.), and I enjoy having the application on my phone where I can adjust them to the situation (TV, Restaurant, Movie Theater, etc.). The aids have not only impacted my life, but those around me, as I’m not having to have people constantly repeat themselves,” he says.

Darryl gives Family Audiology a 10/10 rating and advises others, “Do yourself (and those around you) a huge favor and get tested. Family Audiology (Dr. Celia McCormick) and staff are great.”


Darryl L. Weinrich


Go for it.

It took some time before Anonymous admitted they weren’t hearing very well. However, when the time felt right, Anonymous decided to turn to Family Audiology for help.

Anonymous found the team “very professional and knowledgeable” and really liked the “friendly doctor and staff.”

Now, Anonymous says their new hearing aids have “made my life close to what it was like when I was younger.”

Giving Family Audiology a 9/10 rating, Anonymous advises potential patients, “Go for it.

It will be the best thing you can do. Your friends and family will be glad you did.”




Please visit them

Laurie was struggling to follow conversations, and this was affecting her daily life. Although she made an appointment with Family Audiology, she says, “Initially, I was challenged by the fear of costs involved but knew I was making things harder at my work and home.”

Upon arriving at the office, Laurie found it to be “very comfortable and welcoming” and she loved “the personal attention.” She spent some time discussing her hearing challenges and concerns with her audiologist before having a few simple hearing tests. Soon after, Laurie received her results and was prescribed hearing aids.

She is very satisfied with her new devices. Laurie says, “They help me understand conversations. You don’t feel as isolated at events.”

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, she advises others, “Please visit them and see what your insurance may cover.”


Laurie Pearce


Nice people – caring!

Describing her hearing loss, Marlene says, “If a person speaking to me had a very soft voice or my back was turned to them, I either couldn’t hear them at all, or I couldn’t make out what they were saying.”

Marlene decided to make an appointment with Family Audiology, as she “wanted a real audiology situation.” She describes the team as “professional” and “nice people – caring!” She adds that her experience was “100% positive.”

Marlene says, “I was actually unaware of how much sound I was missing. I think that is a dangerous situation, especially for any senior citizen.”

Giving Family Audiology a 10/10 rating, she advises others to make an appointment. “Help yourself and help those around you that have to constantly repeat their words.”




Great place

Robert knew his hearing was declining, but he thought “hearing aids would make life more difficult.”

Still, knowing he shouldn’t leave his hearing loss untreated, Robert made an appointment with Family Audiology. He considers it “a great place” and “relaxed, friendly.”

Following his comprehensive hearing assessment, which he describes as “thorough,” Robert was prescribed hearing aids best suited to his hearing loss and lifestyle.

Robert is pleased with his new devices saying there’s “little negative” about his devices and that they are “largely positive.” He adds, “I am a 24-hour wearer and connect three different TVs to my hearing aids.”

Family Audiology receives a 9/10 rating from Robert.


Robert DeBoom


It’s a game changer

When Perry developed challenges with his hearing, he decided to take action and turned to Family Audiology for help.

At his first appointment, Perry had the chance to explain how his hearing loss was affecting his daily life. He then took a few simple hearing tests that were able to give his audiologist a well-rounded understanding of his hearing loss – and where he needed help the most.

Following his assessment, hearing aids were prescribed. Perry says the whole experience was “excellent” and he especially liked the “friendly and personal service.”

Now, Perry is enjoying life with his new hearing aids. “It’s a game changer,” he says.

Perry rates Family Audiology a 10/10, and to prospective patients, he says, “Go to Family Audiology.”




They are very professional

Louis was unaware of his hearing loss until “my wife told me” about it. That’s when he turned to Family Audiology for his hearing care.

Describing the team as “very professional,” Louis points out that they are “always aware of new technologies.”

Following a recent hearing aid upgrade, Louis says, “My new ones are far superior to the ones I started with.”

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, Louis suggests to others, “Try them, as they are very professional and that is very important to me.”


Louis Klingman


Very knowledgeable and helpful

Dolores remembers “feeling frustrated and embarrassed when I had to request for others to repeat what they said two, three, four times.”

This scared her, as she had a history of family members with a hearing loss due to brain tumors or a work injury. Additionally, Dolores suffered with “numerous allergies and severe infections” as a child, and she wondered if that could be the cause of her hearing challenges.

Dolores came to Family Audiology after not being satisfied with her first set of hearing aids from another hearing care provider. “I decided to try Family Audiology and was so happy that I did,” she says. “The audiologist was very helpful and knowledgeable about my issues and what would work best for me at my price point that I could afford.”

Hearing aids have improved Dolores’s life significantly. “I feel more confident when in a group setting. Before I felt like I was missing out on so much of the conversation and would basically laugh when everyone else did.

“I never could convince my family members to get hearing aids, but I told them that if I ever needed them, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase some, because I knew how much they were missing,” she says.

Giving Family Audiology a 9/10 rating, Dolores has some words of wisdom for potential patients. “I would tell them it will be the best decision for themselves and their loved ones and that they would not regret it if they decided to move forward to go with Family Audiology,” she says.


Dolores T.


I can recommend them unconditionally

Juanell has struggled with hearing issues for most of her life. As a young child, she suffered earaches nightly. When she was in her 30s, an ENT doctor said she didn’t have eardrums but a membrane growing in her ears.

Although her hearing wasn’t good for many years, it wasn’t until she was in her 70s that she had an actual hearing test. “I was surprised to learn I had 50 percent hearing loss in one ear and 40 percent in the other,” she recalls.

Jaunell had gone to another hearing aid provider but didn’t get very far with her treatment. Finally, after some time, she found the help she needed after visiting Family Audiology.

“What a change my hearing aids have made,” Jaunell begins. “My TV had been on 80 before and now it is on 15-18. Dr. McCormick and her office are the best. I can recommend them unconditionally. I would have saved money and frustration if I had known about Family Audiology.”

Jaunell notes the team is “very friendly, easy to talk to, answered questions, and explained issues very patiently for this 88 year old.”

And better yet, Jaunell describes having hearing aids as “life changing.” She says, “My hearing is not perfect and in a group background noise is a problem, but without them I would have more difficulty communicating with anyone.”

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, she has useful advice for anyone new to hearing aids and hearing care. She says, “Have your hearing checked and if you decide to get hearing aids, as you try different ones, listen, and ask questions so you get ones that work best for you. And then take good care of them.”


Juanell Lance


My most trusted care provider

Hearing clearly was a definite challenge for Bud.

I remember my wife said I was ignoring her and the television was very loud. I felt like everyone was mumbling and I felt isolated…I was eager to get help and understand how I could hear better,” he says.

Recalling his first appointment with Family Audiology, Bud shares, “I remember that you said you could help me with my hearing loss and it made me much more comfortable with discussing how my hearing could be improved. By the end of the first visit, I was still upset with the circumstance I was in, but I was also looking forward to seeing what you could do for me.”

Bud’s new hearing aids have given him a new lease on life. “They have significantly improved my life,” he says. “I wear my hearing aids all day, every day and depend on them to keep me involved in everything going on around me.

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, he says, “I would say that life is full of challenges and Family Audiology has been at my side for a big challenge that I never thought would happen. Trust is not something I give easily; Family Audiology is my most trusted care provider. Everyone at Family Audiology is friendly and truly cares about their patients. The atmosphere at Family Audiology is that of friends in the neighborhood.”


Bud Eastburn


My relationships have improved because I can hear better

Doug has had lifelong difficulties hearing due to a birth defect and says, “I never knew what normal hearing was like growing up.” According to him, his grade school teachers back in the 1950s and 1960s “weren’t particularly aware of what to do with me.

Since Doug couldn’t hear well, he often daydreamed and occupied himself with other activities rather than what was going on in the classroom. “Teachers wrote on my report cards that I was lazy,” he recalls.

At the time, hearing aids were large transistor radio-like devices complete with shoulder straps. Doug refused to wear them “because I didn’t want to get beat up on the playground.”
It wasn’t until Doug was in his twenties when he first got hearing aids – in-the-ear hearing aids, to be precise. He says he “marveled at all the sounds I had been missing all my life.

The years passed and eventually Doug found himself at Family Audiology for his hearing care. “I wasn’t afraid at all to get in touch with them,” he shares. “They gave me information about the latest technology and fitted me with devices that I’ve been enjoying for years.

Recalling his initial appointment, Doug says, “I really appreciated how Celia listened to me, and we talked about all that was available to me at the time.

When asked how hearing aids have improved his life, Doug replies, “I’m thinking about how my relationships have improved because I can hear better. I feel relevant and able to contribute to and interact with whatever is happening around me.

Giving Family Audiology a 10/10 rating, Doug hopes others will make an appointment. “I’ve been to other audiologists. No one else has given me the kind of attention that they have.” He adds that he especially likes “how easy it is for me to get an appointment” when needed.




Go for it

Doris suspected she had a hearing loss approximately three years ago. She decided to get her hearing checked at Family Audiology after “a friend who sat next to me at lunch told me about this company.”

Doris’s first impressions were “very positive.” Following her comprehensive hearing assessment, hearing aids were prescribed, and Doris continues to turn to Family Audiology for her hearing care. “Dr. Stephane fixes any problems very quickly,” says Doris.

Overall, Doris is happy with her devices, though she still needs to “have people repeat for me in large crowds.”

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, she encourages potential patients, “Go for it!”


Doris Huebschman


They will treat you with respect and care

Jim became aware of his hearing loss one night out at the movies. The movie had “background music during the dialog,” and Jim says he “could not understand the dialog.”

Upon visiting Family Audiology, Jim says the team was “very professional and friendly.” He recalls his audiologist “conducted hearing tests that identified my hearing loss over frequency” and this “helped me confirm what I was experiencing.”

Now, with his new hearing aids, Jim finds conversation much easier to follow. “I can be in a setting with multiple people and background noise and understand the dialog,” he says. “Previously without hearing aids, I would sink into the background since I could not understand what was being said. With hearing aids, I am not isolated.”

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, Jim suggests others give them a try. “They will treat you with respect and care. They are very knowledgeable and capable of proposing a best solution to your hearing loss,” he says.

Jim adds that the team is “always friendly” and they are “happy to see me whenever I visit.”


Jim Skelly


Family Audiology always treats me well

Ken can’t pinpoint one particular moment when his hearing loss became apparent, but he says, “I gradually realized I could not hear well when I started to repeatedly ask others to repeat what they said.”

Prior to visiting Family Audiology, Ken’s biggest concern was “avoiding others being inconvenienced or frustrated by my inability to hear well.” However, he adds, “I just knew I needed help with my hearing.”

Ken recalls the team was “very helpful and knowledgeable” and they “wanted to help me hear better.” Following his comprehensive hearing assessment, Ken was prescribed hearing aids, and his hearing is definitely better!

“I can hear much better in crowded areas such as restaurants or sporting events,” he shares. “Also, my wife does not have to tell me to turn the TV down when I’m wearing my hearing aids.”

Ken gives Family Audiology a 10/10 rating and says, “Family Audiology will help you hear better and will treat you well. Family Audiology always treats me well! Every issue I’ve had with my hearing aids (mostly my fault) has been handled quickly and professionall


Ken Sumrow


Totally professional

When Mary realized she was struggling to hear, she recalls not wanting “to be bothered with hearing aids.” However, she eventually got hearing aids and came to Family Audiology as a seasoned hearing aid wearer.

Mary found the team “very friendly and warm” and says everyone was “totally professional.” She also liked that there was “no high-pressure sales talk.

Following her comprehensive hearing assessment, new hearing aids were prescribed. She says her new devices have “improved my hearing.” She continues, “These are not my first ones, but the first ones that really feel good on my ear. I don’t even know if I have them on until I touch my ear.”

Mary gives Family Audiology a 10/10 rating.


Mary Hamm


Help is waiting

Mary became aware of her hearing loss her final year of teaching, but she was “ashamed to go and see someone about it.”

Eventually, she made an appointment with Family Audiology without any major concerns, as “my husband was a customer.” Mary says the team is “friendly, empathetic, very professional” and adds, “When I lost my first hearing aid, the receptionist felt as sorry as I did!”

Mary says her devices “make it easier to communicate,” and she has enjoyed teaching “some classes at church” without any challenges.

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10 rating, she encourages others to “hurry and go.” She adds, “Help is waiting!


Mary Sheetz


You’re in good hands

The prospect of wearing hearing aids was a lot for Erika to digest. Prior to visiting Family Audiology, she recalls “being overwhelmed with options and not knowing what would be right for me.

At her initial appointment, Erika was impressed with the “friendly and professional” team. During her comprehensive hearing assessment, Erika took a few simple hearing tests after talking with her audiologist about the challenges she was facing. Following her tests, Erika was prescribed hearing aids.

With her new devices, she says, “I am more confident when out in public.”
Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, she encourages others to make an appointment. “You should visit Family Audiology,” she advises. “You’re in good hands.”




My top choice

Anna noticed she was “misunderstanding what was being said.” So she made an appointment with Family Audiology despite “wondering if they would be a good fit.

Anna was impressed with the “clean, efficient office.” She also liked the “acceptable time in seeing me and not being rushed during the appointment” as well as “the confidence in the doctor.

Following her comprehensive hearing assessment, it was determined that Anna doesn’t need hearing aids at the moment. But she says she’ll be back soon! “While I don’t have them [hearing aids] yet, I know in a year who to go to,” she says. “After going to many doctors and appointments over the years, this office is my top choice for not having to worry about any aspect of going.”

Anna gives Family Audiology a 10/10 rating.


Anna Bruns


I would recommend

When Lauren was having an ear-related issue, she turned to Family Audiology for help.

She was impressed with the office and thought it “looked like a clean, established office.” Although Lauren is not a hearing aid wearer, she was happy to have her issue quickly resolved and really liked the “friendly staff.”

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, she says, “I would recommend Family Audiology in Plano.


Lauren Rosene


A great choice

When Karhy’s hearing loss was interfering with her daily life, she decided to take action.

Karhy recalls, “When I realized that I was not able to hear what others were saying, I wanted to fix the problem. I did not like the situation. I did not have any fears. I just wanted help even though hearing aids are expensive. Being able to hear is worth the money.”

Karhy was impressed with Family Audiology from the start. “I was impressed by how helpful you were and how thorough the testing was,” she shares. “I never felt rushed and it seemed like you wanted the best for me. Professional comes to mind.

“You take great care of me and my hearing in a kind and caring way and my hearing aids work great for me. And you are nice to me.”

With her hearing aids, Karhy says, “I love being able to converse with others and to hear in restaurants and at church. I wear my hearing aids all the time because they enhance my quality of life.”

Giving Family Audiology a 10/10 rating, Karhy encourages others to make an appointment, as “it’s a great choice and would give wonderful results.”


Karhy Keenan


Professional, friendly, and accommodating

Jerry was oblivious to the number of times he was asking others to repeat themselves. In fact, he says, “My wife was first to let me know.

Not hesitating to find out what was happening with his hearing, Jerry made an appointment with Family Audiology. He notes that the team was “professional, friendly, and accommodating,” and he liked their “fast and efficient service.

Following his comprehensive hearing assessment, Jerry was prescribed hearing aids. Now, his days of asking for repeats are a thing of the past. Jerry says he’s quit saying “What?” to his friends and family.

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, he suggests anyone with hearing concerns should pay them a visit. “Go to Family Audiology,” he says. “You will be glad you did.”


Jerry Petty


They really do treat you like family

Gregory recalls his dad teaching him lip reading while they were repairing a stationary bike one day. His dad was aware of Gregory’s hearing loss and told him he needed a hearing test. Gregory went ahead and had his hearing checked.

He had worn hearing aids for several years before visiting Family Audiology. “I was relieved to find an audiologist in Plano that I liked right away,” Gregory says. “We had just moved here from San Antonio.”
Hearing aids are an essential part of Gregory’s life. “I consider them a lifeline to the hearing world,” he shares.

Gregory rates Family Audiology a 10/10 and encourages anyone concerned about their hearing to make an appointment. “Don’t delay. Make an appointment and get going. Fear is sorta natural, but don’t let it stop you from moving forward,” he advises. “Their customer service is first rate. They really do treat you like family.”


Gregory Hebert


Knowledgeable and professional

Ken found himself having to fill in the missing blanks while watching TV and during conversations. He recalls, “It was about 2006 and I was having problems listening to the TV without the sound being at volume of 30.” Additionally, he had “missed many spoken words and could not understand phone calls when the volume was at the highest setting.”

This prompted Ken to make an appointment with Family Audiology. “I was impressed by the cordial greeting and short stay in the lobby,” he says. He also praises the “wonderful hearing test” he received.

With his hearing aids, daily conversations are no longer a guessing game. “I use my aids in my work where I speak to citizens and foreign nationals and would not be able to perform without the hearing aids,” Ken shares. “I selected the Bluetooth version and enjoy TV audio directly into my hearing aids.

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, Ken says, “Family Audiology is so committed to their patients’ hearing that they do not charge for a hearing test. They are knowledgeable and professional in every aspect of the process.”


Ken Martin


I hear much more clearly

Little by little, Larry’s hearing loss was diminishing and taking with it different aspects of his life. “It was a slow process,” says Larry, “having trouble hearing others at the dinner table, then in the car, and often with those who have a gentle, mellow voice, not unlike mine.”

Eventually, Larry decided to pay Family Audiology a visit, despite having “some apprehension about sharp instruments. But there were NONE of those.

At his first appointment, Larry was impressed with “the sparkling cleanliness of your offices and the gentle courtesy of everyone I met.” Following his comprehensive hearing assessment, Larry was prescribed hearing aids.

“I hear much more clearly in nearly all situations, save some hopelessly noisy restaurants,” he says, referring to life with his devices.

Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, he advises others, “Try ’em. You’ll love ’em!” He adds that he especially liked “the swiftness and kindness of the care I’ve received.”


Larry Smith


Nothing to lose and everything to gain

Tia was born with a hearing impairment. She says, “It can be scary, especially in times when you are alone and you don’t have anyone with you to help you hear, like flying by yourself.”

Describing her hearing care prior to coming to Family Audiology, Tia says, “I have had bad experiences before meeting Celia. She is amazing!” She also considers the team “warm and caring.”

Hearing aids have significantly improved Tia’s life. “They have changed my world! I can hear when someone calls my name. I can hear birds and music,” she shares.

Tia rates Family Audiology a 10/10 and encourages others to give them a try. “You have nothing to lose and everything to gain,” she says. “They take the time to help me hear the best I can.”


Tia Biamont


Go for it

D. first became aware of his hearing loss seven years ago and came to Family Audiology following a recommendation by Medicare. He recalls that his first impression of the team was that everyone was “very professional” and he liked that they were close by.

D. says his hearing aids “have just made life easier.” He adds, “It has cleaned up my hearing,” and he no longer needs to say “Excuse me?” or “Pardon me?” during conversations.

Rating Family Audiology an 8/10, D. encourages prospective patients to make an appointment and “Go for it!”


D. William Hemming


Pleasant surrounding and caring staff

When an issue developed with Ted’s hearing, he says it was “unexpected” and “alarming with an uncertain future for hearing.”

Prior to visiting Family Audiology, Ted had no concerns and was “just was seeking professional advice/counsel.” He describes his appointment as “quiet, deliberate, and capable interaction with highly qualified staff.” Ted also liked the clinic’s “easy access, pleasant surroundings, and caring staff.”

Following his comprehensive hearing assessment, it was determined hearing aids weren’t necessary at this time. Nevertheless, Ted rates Family Audiology a 10/10 and says, “I would heartily recommend Family Audiology for the calm, knowledgeable assistance they provide.”


Ted R. Crim


Go check them out

Shirlene was alarmed by her hearing loss and “felt scared” by “not being able to keep up with things happening around me.”

Prior to visiting Family Audiology, she was concerned about “paying for hearing aids and still having issues.” Upon attending her first appointment, Shirlene found the team “helpful and thorough” and says they “always try to help as much as possible.”

During her appointment, Shirlene had the chance to share her concerns and challenges with her audiologist before taking a few hearing tests. She was prescribed hearing aids during that appointment as well.

Shirlene has noticed an improvement in her hearing, but admits she still struggles to hear in certain situations. She says her devices “definitely helped but really aren’t enough to solve the hearing problem, especially in noisy environments.”

Rating Family Audiology a 9/10, she encourages others, saying, “Go check them out.”


Shirlene Peel


They made me feel secure

Mamie became aware of her hearing loss while “working at PISD and in meetings where I could not hear or understand the speaker in front of the room.”

She decided to turn to Family Audiology for help. During her appointment, she “felt very comfortable asking questions, and they made me feel secure knowing they would be there to help even whenever I received my hearing aids and had them.” Mamie especially liked “the friendliness and caring of staff for you.”

With her devices, she says, “I can hear about 75% better with them.”
Rating Family Audiology a 10/10, she advises others to have their hearing tested. She says, “It’s a great place to go where they will help educate and service your hearing aids.”


Mamie Blasik