Are Your Hearing Aids Covered by Insurance? 

Reading your insurance policy to find something specific can often be like finding a needle in a haystack – a lot of work for not a lot of information!

Does my health insurance cover hearing aids and hearing tests?

If you’re wondering, “Does my health insurance cover hearing aids and hearing tests?” there’s no universal answer. Every insurance company offers different coverage plans with diverse levels of benefits for various items.

We accept the following insurance providers as well as interest-free payment plans through CareCredit®:

As an audiologist-owned practice, we can provide top quality hearing care to you without the restrictions of national chain store policies, sales quotas, or limited product selection.

We know that hearing care and hearing aids are essential to anyone who might benefit from them. Our team includes a hearing aid insurance specialist to partner with patients and maximize insurance benefits from their existing policies.

Check My Health Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids 

Family Audiology is more than willing to help you in any way we can – including looking at your insurance policy for you.

We’ll help organize your insurance coverage to make the most of your benefits and get you on track to personalized hearing care sooner.

Our in-house insurance specialist can do the heavy lifting for you. Provide us with some information in the form below, and we’ll contact you with the answers you need.

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