Earwax Removal in Plano, TX

Are you experiencing stuffiness in your ears or finding that sounds are muffled? It’s highly possible that earwax has built up in your ear canal, leading to a blockage in the passage of sound.

Whether it’s due to cotton swabs pushing the wax into your ear, hearing aids or earplugs, or genetic likelihood to an increased production of earwax, earwax impaction is incredibly common – and incredibly easy to fix, too.

With the help of a professional cleaning, your ears will be back in fighting form in no time.

Gentle and Safe Earwax Removal with Family Audiology

Everyone’s ears are different – we’ll start your earwax removal with a quick chat about your lifestyle and medical history to see if excessive earwax production is an ongoing issue. We’ll also examine your ears to determine your earwax problem’s severity and then plan to remove the impacted wax.

This process typically involves flushing out your ears with warm water, suction using a bulb syringe, and using curettes to remove stubborn deposits. Expert audiologists (like the ones on our team!) can and will remove earwax with little to no discomfort and zero risk to the ear canal or eardrum.

Earwax Removal


About Earwax Removal

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What are common symptoms of earwax blockage or impaction?

Built-up and impacted earwax can cause stuffiness in the ears, tinnitus, poor hearing aid performance, balance issues, dizziness, headaches, and itchiness in your ears.

Colds and ear infections can also produce similar symptoms, but it’s important to stay on top of your earwax.

Is a hearing test included in earwax removal?

If you’re still struggling with a hearing loss following your earwax removal, we can organize a hearing assessment to test your hearing. We’ll get the results of your hearing test back to you on the day of the assessment itself, so there’ll be no wait period.

What happens if the hearing test shows I have a hearing loss?

Your audiologist will discuss the options you have available: medication changes, surgery to remove obstructions, and hearing aids or electronic hearing devices.

Safe and Non-Intrusive Earwax Removal with Family Audiology 

Looking for professional ear cleaning that’s not only safer than cotton swabs but more comfortable and successful? We’ve got you covered. Our ear cleaning specialists are ready to help you regain your hearing if you’re suffering from earwax compaction.

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