Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Some of the most important jobs are also the loudest. Generic earplugs will do the job… but it’s often like the old saying, “Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.” It won’t always work perfectly!

Lots of one-size-fits-all earplugs can be frustrating – everyone’s ears, though they share similar shapes, are very different. People often complain that generic earplugs can be uncomfortable, irritating, and feel like they’re going to fall out due to the lack of a solid, watertight seal.

If you work a job that requires being surrounded by loud noises—construction, event working, musician concerts, airport landing team, etc.—then perhaps the solution to your OTC (over-the-counter) earplug dissatisfactions is custom molded ear protection that’s fitted to your unique ears.

Where Can I Find Custom Earplugs near Me?

If you’re in the Plano, TX area, we have the best options for you regarding custom ear care and hearing protection. We sympathize with your struggles with discomfort and frustration in generic earplugs and earmolds and can offer a customized solution for you instead.

Custom Earmold and Earplug Solutions

Earmolds shaped to your ear drastically increase the volume and provide further clarity in what your hearing aids produce. Our customized, comfortable earmolds stay in place all day and provide less to no feedback (whistling) from your hearing aids.

With custom-made earplugs, you’ll prevent sound leaking around the earplug itself, and they’ll be comfortable for everyday use – you won’t even realize you’re wearing them while taking part in daily activities like your work environment, gun sports, swimming, working with power tools, and attending concerts.

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About Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

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Why should I get custom earmolds/earplugs?

Whether you need them for hearing aids, noise protection, sleeping, or work, custom earmolds follow the precise contours of your outer ear canal and provide comfort, a tighter seal, and a secure fit – qualities that most OTC earplugs don’t offer.

Can I sleep with earplugs in?

Absolutely! Custom earplugs are more secure and comfortable than generic counterparts. They’ll filter out noise with ease so you can sleep better without interruptions like losing an earplug in the bed or constantly fiddling with them when you’re trying to sleep.

Do your custom earplugs provide waterproof protection for swimming?

Yes. Protection against swimmer’s ear is highly improved with custom earplugs, thanks to their watertight seal.

How do you take impressions for my custom earplugs and earmolds?

We start by taking an impression of your outer ear canals; this involves putting a dam in each ear and then filling the outer ear with the impression material. Once it sets, we remove it, inspect it, and then package it up and ship it off for fabrication.

With the use of laser scanners and 3D software, we take your ear impression and can turn it into several models for your custom earmolds and earplugs.

I already have hearing aids. Can you make custom earmolds for them?

Absolutely – plenty of people visit us in need of custom earmolds for their hearing aids after finding that the generic ones don’t fit as well.

How do I clean my custom earmolds/earplugs?

Simply wipe any wax away with a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or alcohol on your custom earmolds and earplugs, as they’ll damage the material.

Custom-Molded Earplugs with Family Audiology

If you’ve been searching for custom-made earplugs for swimming, sleeping, attending concerts, or construction working, our team of specialists is ready to help!

Simply submit the adjacent form to us, and we’ll get in contact with you to schedule your first appointment.

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