Signia: Revolutionizing Hearing Care With Cutting-Edge Technology

We’re committed to providing hearing solutions that blend seamlessly with your lifestyle while delivering unparalleled sound quality.

That’s why we’re excited to offer Signia’s latest range of hearing aids, known for their innovative features and ability to enhance hearing performance across various environments.

Here’s a closer look at Signia’s groundbreaking hearing aids and how they can transform the way you connect with the world around you.

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Insio Charge&Go AX: Tailored Comfort, Superior Clarity

The Insio Charge&Go AX represents a leap forward in hearing aid design. Custom-fitted to the unique contours of your ear canal, it promises all-day comfort without sacrificing sound quality.

Its advanced Augmented Xperience platform ensures speech is crystal clear, even in bustling settings, while also offering effortless contactless charging and seamless smartphone connectivity.

Pure® Charge&Go AX: Immersive Soundscapes in Compact Design

Signia’s Pure® Charge&Go AX is a marvel of modern hearing technology, offering an immersive auditory experience with its Augmented Focus™ technology. This feature distinguishes speech from background noise, allowing for more engaging conversations.

Despite its powerful capabilities, the Pure® Charge&Go AX boasts a sleek, rechargeable design, making it an ideal choice for both new and experienced hearing aid users.

A Pair of Signia Hearing Aid Devices

Signia Active Pro™ and Active X™: Redefining Hearing Aid Aesthetics

Breaking away from traditional hearing aid designs, the Signia Active Pro™ and Active X™ models offer a stylish, earbud-like appearance without compromising on functionality.

These devices are equipped with the Signia Xperience™ platform, providing personalized sound, exceptional hearing in noise, Bluetooth streaming, and even tinnitus therapy, all within a discreet and modern form factor.

Signia Motion™ Series: Customized Power for Every Need

The Signia Motion™ series, including the Charge&Go X, Charge&Go P X, and Charge&Go SP X models, caters to a wide range of hearing needs, from mild to profound hearing loss.

These behind-the-ear devices combine Signia’s Xperience technology with Bluetooth connectivity and the Signia Assistant for a fully personalized hearing experience. Whether you need powerful amplification or sleek design, the Motion™ series has you covered.

Styletto AX™: Elegance Meets Performance

The Styletto AX™ is the epitome of style and substance, offering better-than-normal hearing capabilities within an award-winning design. Its Augmented Focus™ technology ensures clarity in conversations, while its portable charging and connectivity options make it a versatile companion for the modern user.

Silk X™: Invisible Comfort, Visible Results

For those seeking discretion without sacrificing performance, the Silk X™ offers a nearly invisible solution that sits comfortably in the ear. Its advanced technology delivers clear, natural sound, and its instant fit ensures immediate comfort and satisfaction.

Pure® Charge&Go X: The Ultimate in Flexibility and Sound Quality

The Pure® Charge&Go X combines the best of Signia’s technology in a flexible, rechargeable package. With tailored sound profiles and a charging case for on-the-go convenience, it’s the perfect choice for active individuals looking for a reliable hearing solution.

Connectivity and Control at Your Fingertips

Signia’s hearing aids are designed with your connected lifestyle in mind. From the Signia app’s intuitive controls to the Signia Assistant’s AI-powered personal support, managing your hearing settings has never been easier. Whether streaming music, taking phone calls, or adjusting settings, Signia keeps you connected and in control.

Why Choose Family Audiology for Your Signia Hearing Aids?

  • Precision Fitting: Our skilled team guarantees that your Signia hearing aids are precisely adjusted, enhancing both comfort and audio quality.
  • Personalized Care: We acknowledge the distinct hearing requirements and preferences of every client, providing customized solutions and modifications.
  • Ongoing Support: Our dedication to your satisfaction with Signia continues after the initial fitting, with consistent follow-ups and assistance to maintain your contentment.

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We understand that choosing the right hearing solution is a personal journey. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the process, offering expert advice and personalized fittings for Signia’s range of hearing aids.

Call us at (972) 943-0466 to schedule an appointment and discover how Signia can enhance your hearing experience and help you perform at your best in every aspect of your life.

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