Oticon Hearing Solutions: Empowering You to Hear and Live Better

We are proud to feature Oticon hearing aids, including their latest innovations like Oticon Real™, Oticon Own™, Oticon More™, and a diverse portfolio designed to cater to various hearing needs.

With our dedication to delivering expert, trusted, and independent hearing care in the Plano area, we understand the importance of providing our patients with advanced hearing solutions that enhance their quality of life.

Oticon’s cutting-edge technology aligns with our mission, offering personalized care and exceptional service to our patients.

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Oticon Real™: Precision and Balance in Every Sound

Oticon Real™ revolutionizes the hearing experience by providing sharp, balanced sounds in the real world. Utilizing BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon Real enhances your brain’s natural sound-processing abilities, offering increased awareness and engagement.

Powered by the Polaris R™ platform and featuring RealSound Technology, Oticon Real ensures access to the genuine sounds of life. With elegant designs, multiple styles, and connectivity options, Oticon Real integrates seamlessly into your digital world.

Oticon Own™: Ultimate Discretion and Superior Sound

For those seeking the ultimate in discretion without compromising on sound quality, Oticon Own™ is the world’s smallest hearing aid equipped with BrainHearing™ technology. Designed to be invisible in most ears and tailored for comfort, Oticon Own allows natural sound processing with less effort.

Whether you’re engaging in hands-free phone conversations or streaming audio directly from your devices, Oticon Own delivers exceptional sound quality while remaining virtually undetectable.

An Oticon Hearing Aid Device

Oticon More™: A New Perspective in Hearing Care

Oticon More™ offers a revolutionary approach to hearing care. As the first hearing aid with an onboard Deep Neural Network (DNN), Oticon More works like the brain, learning from experience.

This groundbreaking technology ensures a superb hearing experience by delivering what the brain needs to make sense of sound. With the Polaris™ platform, MoreSound Intelligence™, and an extensive range of connectivity options, Oticon More adapts to your environment, providing clarity even in noisy settings.

Oticon Xceed: Powering Through Severe Hearing Loss

For individuals with severe to profound hearing loss, Oticon Xceed opens up a new world of sound. Offering unparalleled speech clarity and reduced listening effort, Oticon Xceed utilizes advanced technology to give you access to more speech than ever before. Its unique features ensure 360° access to conversations, delivering outstanding sound quality without the annoyance of feedback sounds.

Oticon Zircon: Celebrate Life With Clear Sound

Oticon Zircon allows you to celebrate life with 360° speech clarity and seamless connectivity. Embrace social interactions and enjoy clear sound from all directions, even in noisy environments. With options for rechargeable or non-rechargeable styles, Oticon Zircon meets diverse hearing needs with the life-changing BrainHearing™ technology.

Why Choose Family Audiology for Oticon Hearing Aids?

We believe in providing a personalized journey to better hearing. Our partnership with Oticon enables us to offer:

  • Customized Solutions: Tailored fittings and solutions based on individual hearing profiles and lifestyles.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous care and maintenance to ensure optimal hearing aid performance.
  • Advanced Technology: Access to the latest Oticon hearing aids and technologies.

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Together, we’ll find the perfect hearing solution to enrich your life with sound.

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