Personalized Hearing Care in The Colony, Texas

Every person with a hearing loss challenge needs different, personalized care. Family Audiology works hard to provide the best possible care for everyone’s needs here in The Colony.

Our team is here to help you throughout your journey to better hearing with our exceptional patient care, making sure that you’re well looked after for every step of the way. There’s no one solution for hearing loss, but we’ll give you the best one for what you need.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a hearing loss challenge, don’t delay. Our team at Family Audiology would be happy to meet you! Call us today and chat with our team to see what hearing care plan would work best for you.

The Colony is the original home to one of the oldest communities in Denton County and the site of multiple important Texan historical landmarks. In 1973, Fox and Jacobs purchased the land and named it The Colony in honor of the original Peters Colony, wanting to foster that same sense of kinship among the people as Texas’s early founders did.

Today, The Colony is continuing to grow. Lake Lewisville is one of the most scenic staples of the area, with plenty of space to go boating, camping, swimming, and fishing. There’s also plenty of fun events to take part in – so it’s safe to say that sense of community is still going strong!


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