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Benefit From Your Benefits

It’s time again for the annual insurance reminder!

Many of you have the same benefit year as the calendar year, be sure and double check your hearing aid coverage and deductible information (or have us do it for you) and set your appointment prior to the holidays.  As you know, we are closed the week between Christmas and New Year, and this year it is a whole Monday-Monday. Friday, December 22 will be the last appointment date of 2017.

Here is a little FAQ regarding benefits and hearing aids:

Q:  Does my UHC/BCBS/Aetna/Cigna/etc. plan cover hearing aids?

A:  There is a good chance.  Nearly 40% of health insurance plans pay some or all of the cost of hearing aids.  There is not a universal benefit for each insurance company, but many employers in the area have hearing aid coverage as part of their employee benefits.  It is now mandatory for insurance companies in Texas to provide hearing aid coverage for children under 18. In addition HAS/FSA funds can be used for hearing testing and hearing aids.

Q:  How often does my insurance pay for new hearing aids?

A:  The most common answer is every 36 months, but this varies tremendously between plans.  There are some coverages that offer a hearing aid benefit “once a benefit year”, some that offer a hearing aid benefit “twice per lifetime”, and some that offer some variation in-between.  We are always happy to check with your particular plan on your behalf.  Just call Chinney at the front desk (972-943-0466) and she will submit the information from your card and give you a call back with your benefit details.

Q:  Does Medicare cover hearing aids?

A:  No.  At this time Medicare will cover diagnostic testing with a referral from your physician, however hearing aids are excluded from coverage.  Some Medicare supplements or replacement plans do offer benefits or discounts.

If you have any questions regarding your insurance benefits, please contact us at 972-943-0466 and we will investigate your options.

"I said it's the only hearing aid covered by your insurance."