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3 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Hearing Aids

You’ve just got your new hearing aids and life has been so amazing now that you are saying “what?” far less. Your spouse is happier, your kids are happier. Or, you’ve been wearing hearing aids for a while and have been humming right along with them until….

….they stop working. The timing is terrible, too, isn’t it? You’ve got that important meeting tomorrow or are going on vacation with your family and you need them working again STAT.

Don’t fear! There are definitely things you can troubleshoot at home to get them going again. I’ll be talking about those in today’s video. 

Watch the video to get all the details

And of course, if you’ve tried them all and you still need help, call 972-943-0466 to schedule an appointment and we’ll get it figured out!

I hope this information allows you to continue to have success with your hearing!