Face masks are now required in many public places to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, but for people with hearing aids this may be easier said than done. Here are a couple tips to help.

Remove your mask carefully.

An obvious statement, but a good reminder. The real estate behind your ear is highly valuable with your hearing aids, mask, and glasses or sunglasses all needing their space. A couple extra seconds of care can prevent the loss or entanglement of all three.

Choose wisely.

The masks with fabric ties (vs elastic ear loops) are able to be loosened or untied and shouldn’t interfere with your hearing aids.The ties are available on both surgical style masks and most commonly on fabric masks.

mask 1.png


Consider a mask holder


mask 2.png


There are many options available that will reduce strain on your ears and your hearing aids. The styles range from very inexpensive plastic hooks to fabric headbands.  A quick google search of “ear savers” will give you an abundance of choices for purchase and DIY options.


Dr. Celia McCormick, Au.D.